34)Some sort of Republic of Inhospitality

India Republic Day -- Because India celebrates Republic Day time and the chests of countless Indians swell with pride at the thought of our tremendous diversity and imagined army prowess it is well to be able to reflect on what kind of Republic the nation has become. A republican kind of government is not merely one in which the head of express is not a hereditary monarch; rather the modern republic engraves the idea that sovereignty resides inside people and that the will of the people as expressed through their own representatives is supreme. What exactly has however been vital to the idea of the republic everywhere is the notion associated with inclusiveness. In this respect the testimonies that have been coming out of India lately tell a tale that is chill to the bones a tale that leaves behind a stench in which no amount of sloganeering with regards to Swachh Bharat or even something more than a symbolic wielding of the broom can eradicate. In case inclusiveness is the touchs